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  1. If You Keep Up Believing the Dreams Come True | Heart Touching Films
  2. Every Girl's Right ❤ This Emotional Short Film Will Inspire You | Heart Touching
  3. Inspirational Short Story - Never Stop Trying, Never Stop Believing | Heart Touching Films
  4. Can I Still Be Friends with My In-Laws After Divorce? Emotional Story - Heart Touching Films
  5. Stay with me | Heart Touching Story About Mother-Son Relationship | Emotional Short Films
  6. The Belief Of A Mother Which At Times Acts As A Pillar | Inspirational Heart-touching Commercials
  7. Emotional Story of Two Brothers | The Right Advice Can Change Lives | Heart Touching Films
  8. We Are Born of Love, Love is Our Mother ???‍? Heart Touching Films
  9. We Rise by Lifting Others - Heartwarming Thai Commercial | Heart Touching Films
  10. Darkness is Only In The Eyes | Heart Touching Story of a Blind Teacher | Emotional Short Films
  11. Inspirational Commercial Focuses on the Difficulties Faced by Pregnant Women | Heart Touching Films
  12. Home is Where Our Lives Grow - Heartwarming Thai Commercial | Heart Touching Films
  13. Some Things Break Your Heart but Fix Your Vision | Heart Touching Films
  14. No matter How Small, A Favor Deserves Thanks | Heart Touching Films
  15. The Power of Motherhood | 2 Most Inspiring Videos | Heart Touching Films
  16. Big Results Require Big Ambitions | Heart Touching Films
  17. Emotional Videos with Great Life Lessons | Heart Touching Films
  18. Heart Touching Films That will Make You Say "I Love You"
  19. Emotional Film of a Father and Daughter | If I Could Give You One Thing In Life...
  20. Inspirational Story ?‍?Families are where learning begins
  21. Shine Like A Star And Scatter Your Dust Around | Inspirational Short Films
  22. It's Great To Have Someone You Can Always Rely On | Emotional Short Films
  23. What We Think, We Become | Inspirational Short Films
  24. Enjoy The Little Things ??| Heart Touching Films
  25. Nothing Lasts Forever | Inspirational Short Films
  26. Be Grateful For What You Have | Inspirational Short Films
  27. Focus On The Good | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  28. Sometimes The Best Way is The Hard Way | Emotional Short Films About Family
  29. Show Your Love and Respect Before It's Too Late | Emotional Short Films
  30. I can and I will | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  31. Ignite The Power Within | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  32. Take Care of What Matters in Life???| Emotional Short Films
  33. The Everlasting Teacher | Emotional Heart Touching Short Film
  34. These Heart Touching Films Will Warm You Up??❤
  35. Heart Touching Films That Will Bring You Closer To Your Family
  36. We Rise by Litfting Others | Inspirational Short Films
  37. Having All You Need is Having Everything | Emotional Short Films
  38. Emotional Heart Touching Films | These Stories Will Make You Cry??
  39. Inspirational Short Films About The Importance of Sharing and Helping
  40. Emotional Short Films That Will Make Your Heart Melt
  41. Inspirational Heart Touching Films ?? Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life
  42. Every Wall is a Door | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  43. Never Stop Dreaming | Inspirational Short Films
  44. When You Are Positive, Good Things Happen | Heart Touching Films
  45. Inspirational Short Films About Taking Responsibilities
  46. No Pressure, No Diamonds | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  47. You Matter | Emotional Heart Touching Films
  48. Broken Crayons Still Color | Emotional Short Films
  49. Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom | Heart Touching Short Films
  50. Happiness is not by Chance, But by Choice | Inspirational Short Films
  51. Emotional Short Films That Will Inspire You | Heart Touching Films
  52. Emotional Short Films That You Can't Help Crying
  53. Inspirational Short Films | Every Moment Is A Fresh Beginning
  54. Aspire To Inspire Before We Expire | Emotional Short Films
  55. Inspirational Short Films | The memories We Make With Our Family Is Everything
  56. Heart Touching Short Films That Will Make You Cry
  57. Emotional Short Films About The Family Love ?‍?‍??
  58. May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears | Inspirational Short Films
  59. Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do | Inspirational Short Films
  60. You Must Do The Things You Think You Cannot Do | Inspirational Short Films
  61. This Motivating Short Film Will Make You Believe in Yourself! | ??‍?
  62. The Older You Get The More Important Family Is | Emotional Short Films About Family Bonds
  63. Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom | Emotional Short Films
  64. Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone Else's Cloud | Heart Touching Films
  65. Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World | Inspirational Heart Touching Films
  66. Good Stories Happen Everyday | Heart Touching Short Films
  67. Emotional Short Films That Will Bring You Closer To Your Family
  68. What You Do Makes A Difference | Emotional Short Films
  69. Heart Touching Films That Will Inspire You
  70. Heart Touching Films That Make You Emotional
  71. Motherhood: All Love Begins And Ends There | Emotional Short Films
  72. Emotional Short Films That Make You Cry
  73. My Brother | Emotional Short Film About Look After Your Loved Ones
  74. To Be Happy, Make Other People Happy | Emotional Short Films
  75. Change The World By Being Yourself | Inspirational Short Films
  76. Emotional Short Films That Touch Your Heart??
  77. We Only Have What We Give | Emotional Short Films
  78. Heart Touching Films That Will Break The Ice With Your Family
  79. Let People Know They Are Not Alone | Heart Touching Films
  80. A Child’s Smile Is The Heart Of Heaven | Emotional Short Films
  81. Pass Along The Value Of Empathy To Our Children | Heart Touching Short Films
  82. Once You Choose Hope, Anything’s Possible | Emotional Short Films That Give Inspiration
  83. The Most Important Things In Life Are Moments | Inspirational Short Films
  84. Kindness Is Willing Self-Sacrifice For The Good Of Another | Inspirational Short Films
  85. Heart Touching Films That Will Make You Cry ??
  86. Where There Is Family, There Is Love | Inspirational Short Films About Importance Of Family
  87. These Heart Touching Films Will Change Your Behavior ??
  88. Heart Touching Films That Will Warm Your Heart ??
  89. Heart Touching Films That Make You Notice Your Actions ???
  90. Heart Touching Film That Based On A True Story
  91. Behind Every Great Daughter Is A Truly Amazing Dad | Heart Touching Films
  92. Heart Touching Films About The Importance Of Being Kind
  93. There Is Someone Who Believes In You When You Don't | Inspirational Short Films
  94. The Greatest Wisdom Is Seeing Through Appearances | Inspirational Short Films About Prejudice
  95. Together We Can Face Any Challenges As Deep As The Ocean | Inspirational Short Films
  96. No Matter Your Age, You Will Always Need Your Mom | Emotional Short Films About Mothers
  97. No One Cares Until Someone Cares; Be That One! | Emotional Short Films
  98. Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About | Emotional Short Films
  99. A Smile Is Worth Everything | Inspirational Short Films That Touch Hearts
  100. There Is Always A Story Behind That You Don't Know | Emotional Short Films About Helping
  101. This Video Makes You To Say "I Love You Mom" | Emotional Short Films About Mother's Day
  102. Good People Make Best Changes | Inspirational Short Films About Humanity
  103. You can Overcome What Holds You | Emotional Short Films About Sacrifice
  104. Protect Your Loved Ones | The Most Emotional Short Films
  105. A Father Saves His Child | Emotional Short Films About Fathers
  106. Be Aware Of What's Around | Motivational Short Films About Awareness
  107. Protect the Ones You Love | Inspirational Short Films About Awareness
  108. How Did One Friend Help The Other? | Inspired Story Of Children
  109. Learning From Experience | Motivational Short Films
  110. Share the Hope, Share the Happiness | Inspirational Short Films
  111. Don't You Worry Child | Emotional Short Films About Parents
  112. This Generation Will Make A Connect | Inspired Short Films About Friendship
  113. You and Me Could Be Forever | Inspirational Short Films About Disease Awareness
  114. Break The Taboo | Heart Touching Films Based On True Story
  115. Not as Bad as It Looks?? | Inspired Short Films on Prejudice
  116. A Few Ideas Take You Different Places | Inspiring Short Films
  117. An Unconditional Love ?? | Try Not to Cry After This Video
  118. Dads' Impact on Child Development | Heart Touching Films
  119. Moms Need Children Who Always Support Them! | Heartwarming Stories
  120. The Heart Touching Films Which Make You Feel So Emotional!
  121. Love Doesn't Need Words❤️ | Heart Touching Films
  122. The Secret to Achieving Your Dreams | Emotional Story
  123. Giving is the Best Communication | Heart Touching Films
  124. My Dad is a Liar | Heartwarming Story
  125. Emotional Surprise | The Last Customer - He Can Only Wish That He is as Happy as Their Customers
  126. A Small Boy with a Big Dream | Inspiring Video
  127. Still The Most Shocking Second A Day | Social Awareness Video
  128. The show must go on | Inspirational Video
  129. The Missing Dog | Heart Touching Films
  130. People Ignored Blind Man Until A Woman Shows Up - Inspiring Story
  131. I Can't Leave You Alone | Emotional Story - Heart Touching Films
  132. The Emotional Story of Two Brothers Who Save Money - Heart Touching Films
  133. Inspiring Short Film "Different Times, Same Love" - Heart Touching Films
  134. A Mother’s Touch | Inspiring Emotional Video
  135. "Puppy Love” A Special Bond Between Two Four-legged Buddies ? Heartwarming Super Bowl Commercial
  136. A Moment to Overcome Inequality - Sorry That I Didn’t Set a Good Example for You
  137. Bear Family Reunion ?? This Love Story Will Warm Your Hearts
  138. Emotional Social Experiment That Will Definetly Raise Awareness Around Disabilities ??
  139. Inspiring Short Film "From The Heart" ( Based On an Emotional True Story )
  140. A Young Boy With A Little Money That He Serendipitously Found
  141. Home is Where the Heart is | Inspiring Story?‍?
  142. The Taste That Money Can't Buy | Inspirational Video
  143. Find Out What Moms Hate The Most | Inspirational Video
  144. Share the Load | Inspiring Video
  145. The Only Place We Can Escape | Inspirational Heartwarming Film
  146. Reduce To Regain | Inspiring Emotional Video
  147. How Did You Learn To Be A Father? | Inspiring Video
  148. Who Knows Kids Better? Mums Vs Maids | Inspirational Video
  149. The First Aeta Graduates From The University | Inspiring Video
  150. The Heartwarming Story Of An Unlikely Friendship Between Two Strangers
  151. True Friends Always Have Your Back | Tearjerker Video
  152. A Book Can Inspire a Kid, A Kid Can Inspire His Teacher! ??? | Inspiring Emotional Commercial
  153. This Motivating Short Film Will Make You Believe in Yourself! | ??‍?
  154. Heart Touching Social Awareness Video - She Has Good Results But Has to Take Care of Her Family
  155. Nothing is As It Seems | Taxi Driver's Emotional Story ?
  156. Keep Your Eyes On the Road - Unexpected Interactive Road Safety Campaign in Movie Theater
  157. Now You Know How It Feels! - Accurate Depiction of Motor Neurone Disease
  158. Watch This Heart-Warming Video If You Believe The Magic in Yourself ? ?
  159. This Tender Mother & Daughter Video Will Warm Your Heart! ?❤?‍? Emotional Short Video
  160. Soldier Coming Home for Surprising His Mom on Mother's Day | ?‍?‍?‍?
  161. No One Goes To Bed Hungry If You Share | Emotional Food Campaign
  162. Nothing Beats Having Family Under One Roof! ?‍?‍? Emotional Story About Family Reunion
  163. Breaking a Regressive Tradition | Inspiring Short Film ! (English Subtitles)
  164. When People Come Together... ? ?? Emotional Story That Tells Power of Connections
  165. Friendships Always Find a Way! ?? Reunion After Over 6 Decades - Emotional Short (English Subtitles)
  166. True Feeling of Loving Eyes ? Watch a Father-Daughter Relationship Through Their Eyes!
  167. The Moments That Never Happen Matter the Most - Heartwarming Inspirational Commercial
  168. When Teddybears Are Not Enough ??? | Emotional Commercial
  169. Christmas: Time For Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones ! | ????‍?‍?‍? Emotional Short Film
  170. Disconnect To Reconnect with Your Family on Christmas ! | ??
  171. Single Dad Must Choose One ?‍??? Emotional Christmas Video
  172. Mog’s Christmas Calamity ??This Animation Will Warm Your Heart
  173. Mrs Claus Helps Santa with the Last Minute Request ?? Heart Touching Christmas Video
  174. Bears Travel Home For Christmas | Heartwarming Commercial ???
  175. A Grandfather With a Secret Fitness Mission ? Heart Touching Short Film
  176. Emotional Christmas Story ?‍??? My Dad's Legacy: A Dance for Christmas
  177. Christmas Is for Sharing ?? | Heartwarming Emotional True Story
  178. 18 Year Old Mom ?‍? Emotional Short Film about Mother's Sacrifice
  179. These Fingers Will Change the World | ?‍? An Emotional Moment Between Grandfather and Grandson
  180. Reaching Out to Her Father ?‍?? An Inspiring Emotional Story of a Mom and Her Daughter
  181. A Baby With HIV?‍?‍? This Inspirational True Story Will Make You Cry
  182. Teacher Refuses to be Apart From His Mother | Try not to Cry After This
  183. Heart Touching Short Film - I Want More Time for My Son
  184. Learning Has No Age Bar - Inspiring Emotional Video of Father and Daughter ?‍?
  185. What Is Beauty According To You? | Emotional Short Film Of An Adopted Girl
  186. Emotional Dog Video ?‍? Animals Never Abandon Us! - Campaign That Will Make you Cry
  187. Don't Feed the Internet Trolls | Inspiring Short Film on Prejudice
  188. Sharing is The Greatest Gift ?? CHRISTMAS Animation That Will Warm Your Hearts
  189. Motivational Video ???????? What Girls Are Made Of?
  190. If London Were Syria | Shocking Socially Awakening Video About War Children! ??
  191. Inspirational Short Film - An Unschooled Mother Teaching Her Daughter to Question the World
  192. Memories Are Not For Sell ??❤ This Emotional Short Film Will Inspire You
  193. The Person We All Need - Emotional Short Film That Will Make You Cry
  194. Heart Warming TRUE Story ?? A Gift to Change Life
  195. Touching Short Film - For a Love That Will Last Forever
  196. Mama is going to Show You the Whole Wide World - Touching Story of a Blind Girl
  197. True Story of A Girl With Rare Skin Condition Will Inspire You
  198. A Deaf Girl Who Plays Violin ?? An Inspirational Video
  199. What if Nature Returns Your Wastes? ? Inspirational Christmas Commercial
  200. A Moment to Overcome Jealousy ?‍?‍?? | Try Not to Cry After This!
  201. This Tiny Cute Bird Will Inspire You ??? | Motivational Video
  202. Heartwarming Short Film Will Empower Father-Daughter Relationship ?‍??? | Emotional Video
  203. How Much Can a Car Change The Way We Are? ??| A Creative&Funny Commercial
  204. When a Dog Abandons You, It's not to go on Holiday ?? | An Inspirational Commercial
  205. This Social Media Movie Will Make You Think Twice ??| Inspirational Ad
  206. This Heartwarming Commercial Tells What True Love Is ❤? Lovely and Touching Ad
  207. Emotional Short Film to Strengthen Father-Son Relationship
  208. Blindfolded Kids Are Trying to Find Their Mothers ??‍?‍? Heartwarming Social Experiment
  209. An Unbreakable Bond Between Grandparents and Grandchildren ??? Heartwarming Short Film
  210. The Only Video You Need to Quit Smoking - 1 Minute Inspiring Video
  211. A Child's Imagination is Beyond Limits! ????‍♂️ | A Creative Commercial
  212. Nothing is As It Seems ?? | Try Not to Cry to This Emotional Video
  213. Moms Make Us Strong ?‍?‍?? | Emotional Short Film
  214. When A Blind Girl's TV Gets Broken! ?? | Heartwarming Commercial
  215. An Enduring Father and His Son's Gift ???‍?| Heartwarming Emotional Short Film
  216. Please, My Son is In The Back! ? | Emotional Road Safety Video Campaign
  217. You Can Overcome Your Fears! ??? | An Emotional Video
  218. This Strong Mother-Daughter Relationship Will Inspire You ??| Emotional Short Film
  219. A Surprise For My Daughter's Wedding ??‍? | Heartwarming Short Film
  220. A New Home - Powerful Inspirational Short Film
  221. This Motivational Video Will Teach You Powerful Life Lessons - Age is Just a Number!
  222. This Older Married Couple Will Make You Believe in Love ????? - One of the Best Emotional ad
  223. Heartwarming Emotional Short Film About Moms That Will Make You Cry
  224. Inspirational Commercial - Watch This Video If You Love ANIMALS ??
  225. Emotional Short Film That Will Break the Ice With Your Mother?? Try Not to Cry
  226. Emotional Video on Prejudice ?? This Touching Story Will Make You Cry
  227. This 3 Minute Motivational Video Will Change Your Life
  228. See How Much a Father Can Give! ?‍?? | Emotional Short Film
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Emotional Short Films That Will Inspire You | Heart Touching Films

admin August 31, 2022

The first video shows an angry-looking young man living in a rundown shack who is infuriated by the sound of his neighbor’s crying baby. Eventually he storms round there to complain, only to find everyone has gone and the baby has been abandoned. From looking like he might threaten violence, he goes to tenderly cradling the baby and stopping it from crying. Forced to take care of it himself he learns to love the child, and by the time Social Services come calling, he’s started to turn his life around, getting a decent job. The second video focuses on the isolation and sadness felt by one Ah Ma, despite being surrounded by her family as she prepares for the festive date. After finding no family members with time to help her put up the Christmas decorations, the isolationism is highlighted even further when the Ah Ma finds the Christmas present from her son from the year before… a new smartphone, that has never been removed from its box. Finding no one with the time to teach her how to use it, the Ah Ma seeks help from a friend and is quickly enthralled and delighted by the ability to take photos and videos. The emptiness and loneliness being experienced by the Ah Ma only becomes known to her family when she accidentally sends a video she made on Christmas Eve documenting her sadness to her grandson. In the last video, a woman walks into a large room with no one else there, a blue floor, and blueish-white walls. The arm of a wheelchair in the room is given two close-ups, though the wheelchair isn’t seen in full for now. She continues walking, but then she stops when the door she came in through suddenly closes by itself. After looking at the source of the sound, an invisible force suddenly throws her against a wall. The force drags her up the wall before making her fall. The invisible thing continues attacking her more, leaving her on the ground for a bit before making her sit in the wheelchair. The lights flicker quite a bit before the woman is brought to the wheelchair. The lights continue flickering as a narrator tells you that this is how it feels like to get MND. This video is faetures progression of the disease by telling the story of Sarah Ezekiel, a young woman with MND. Accept the challenge and try not to cry after watching this heart touching emotional commercial! Heart Touching Films will enable a platform which will raise awareness for universal human values and social unity. Our heartwarming stories will aim to remind the rights and values of being a human and create a sense of togetherness. We wish to support filmmakers who shoot short films by helping them gain a bigger, more international audience through publishing these works on our social platform. SUBSCRIBE Watch more Feel Good Movies here Follow us on Facebook: Blindfolded Kids Are Trying to Find Their Mothers ??‍?‍? Heartwarming Social Experiment ▶▶ You Can Overcome Your Fears! ??? | An Emotional Video ▶▶ This Tiny Cute Bird Will Inspire You ??? | Motivational Video ▶▶ A Moment to Overcome Jealousy ?‍?‍?? | Try Not to Cry After This! ▶▶ Mog’s Christmas Calamity ??This Animation Will Warm Your Heart ▶▶ This Motivating Short Film Will Make You Believe in Yourself! ▶▶ Emotional Video on Prejudice ?? This Touching Story Will Make You Cry ▶▶ Emotional Short Film to Strengthen Father-Son Relationship ▶▶ This 3 Minute Motivational Video Will Change Your Life ▶▶ Find Out What Moms Hate The Most | Inspirational Video ▶▶ Heart Warming TRUE Story ?? A Gift to Change Life ▶▶ Inspiring Short Film “From The Heart” ( Based On an Emotional True Story ) ▶▶