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Wishlist Member Course Addons: POWERFUL tools to GROW your business

admin September 2, 2022

Introducing Wishlist Member Course Addons. I’ve used several LMS systems to build courses. This is one of the BEST tools I’ve found to quickly build beautiful courses on WordPress. As part of Wishlist Member, you have everything you need to protect your courses and integrate with a payment provider to start selling. Wishlist Member Course Addons also includes gamification with progress indicators, badges & points to help you encourage your students to complete their course. Quizzes are coming soon, too! ?Get Wishlist Member Course Addons ? ? https://suburbiapress.com/coursecure/? ➡️ REMINDER: If you buy Wishlist Member or the Course Addons from my affiliate link, I’ll give you my course – Members Only – as a FREE bonus to help you learn how to get up to speed quickly with Wishlist Member. Looking for the best products we recommend for your business? Check out this list of vetted tools. SAVE ON MY TOP DEALS  ✅ FluentCRM: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentcrm (SAVE 20% coupon BEEM)  ✅ Fluent Forms: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentforms (SAVE 20% with coupon BEEM) ✅ Link Whisper: https://suburbiapress.com/linkwhisper (SAVE $15 with coupon BEEM) ✅ Luminar AI: https://suburbiapress.com/luminar (SAVE $10 with coupon BEEM – photo editing software) BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING  ✅ Cloudways: https://suburbiapress.com/cloudways (VULTR HF best for course creators, memberships and dynamic sites) WORDPRESS PLUGINS ✅ Kadence Blocks:  https://suburbiapress.com/kadenceblocks (Best Gutenberg blocks!) ✅ FluentCRM: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentcrm (SAVE 20% coupon BEEM)  ✅ Fluent Forms: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentforms (SAVE 20% with coupon BEEM) ✅ Wishlist Member:  https://suburbiapress.com/wishlist (protect your content and integrate with other services) ✅Presto Player: https://suburbiapress.com/prestoplayer (BEST video player for WordPress) ✅ LearnDash: https://suburbiapress.com/learndash (Perfect for course creators) ✅ FuseBox: https://suburbiapress.com/fusebox (BEST Podcast Player for WordPress) ✅ WP Rocket: https://suburbiapress.com/wprocket (BEST WordPress Caching – EASY to use) ✅ Perfmatters: https://suburbiapress.com/perfmatters (OPTIMIZE WordPress performance) ✅ PrettyLinks: https://suburbiapress.com/prettylinks (BEST for custom URLS – it’s how I created all these links) ✅ Uncanny Automator: https://suburbiapress.com/automator (Build recipes to automate actions inside of WordPress) WORDPRESS THEMES ✅ Kadence Theme:  https://suburbiapress.com/kadencewp ✅ BuddyBoss: https://suburbiapress.com/buddyboss ✅ Astra: https://suburbiapress.com/astra BEST WORDPRESS PAGE BUILDERS  ✅ Elementor: https://suburbiapress.com/elementor ✅ Divi : https://suburbiapress.com/divi ✅ Premium Add-ons for Elementor: https://suburbiapress.com/pafe (My FAVORITE Elementor Blocks) EMAIL SERVICES & OPTIN FORMS ✅ FluentCRM: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentcrm (SAVE 20% coupon BEEM)  ✅ Fluent Forms: https://suburbiapress.com/fluentforms (SAVE 20% with coupon BEEM) ✅ ConvertBox: https://suburbiapress.com/convertbox ✅ OptinMonster: https://suburbiapress.com/optinmonster ✅ Bloom: https://suburbiapress.com/bloom COURSES ✅ Bada$$ Online Marketing University: https://suburbiapress.com/bomu (ABSOLUTELY FREE business training for entrepreneurs) ✅ Video Ranking Academy: https://suburbiapress.com/vra ✅ Smart from Scratch: https://suburbiapress.com/smartfromscratch ✅ 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing: https://suburbiapress.com/123AM MEMBERSHIPS & SERVICES ✅ Searchie: https://suburbiapress.com/searchie (BEST Video Hosting for Courses, Memberships and Coaches) ✅ Jarvis: https://suburbiapress.com/jarvis (BEST AI-powered writing service) ✅ ThriveCart: https://suburbiapress.com/thrivecart (BEST Shopping Cart Service) LEGAL POLICIES ✅ Online Genius Template Library: https://suburbiapress.com/ogtl (BEST Legal Policies – Created by Harvard Lawyer turned Entrepreneur) ✅ Ultimate Legal Checklist: https://suburbiapress.com/legalchecklist (FREE checklist to know what policies you need and why) ✅ https://suburbiapress.com/freeprivacy (FREE Privacy Policy for your website) CONTACT SUBURBIA PRESS  ? Website:  https://suburbiapress.com ? LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wbeem/ ? Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuburbiaPress Get your FREE PDF to find my 5 GREAT RESOURCES for WORDPRESS SITES https://suburbiapress.com/welcome My videos contain my unbiased opinions of the products and services I show. No video was a paid promotion unless specifically noted and tagged as such in YouTube. I share affiliate links and you should assume that you are clicking on a referral link. There’s no extra cost to you. For more recommendations, please visit my Tools page: https://suburbiapress.com/tools #onlinecourses #lms #suburbiapress